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High Fantasy


The war is over... or is it?

For Saffa, a different kind of battle rages on: one for her heart.

High Fantasy


What if the true villain is the person Alex loves the most?

Cozy Mystery

Bonus Chapter!

Valen is searching for something...or someone.

Line Decoration

Eternal Alliances Book 1

Sal exchanged her magic for peace, she didn't expect to also trade her heart.

Shadows and Sage

Eternal Alliances Book 2

Natalie sacrified her freedom to protect her family. Could she crave a vampire more than escape?

Deathbringer and Desire

An Eternal Alliances Prequal Novella

You know how the war ended.

Find out how it all began.

Brews and Clues

Hallow’s Promise Book 1

Will Rae survive her last case with her secrets intact? And will her teas always taste so good...

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Welcome to My World...

A.N. Payton is a fantasy romance author, true-crime obsessee, and a very low-skilled seamstress. She writes at the intersection of fantasy and science, with a dash (or overflowing scoop) of romance. Her books are concocted with the perfect proportions of strong female characters, sexy men who may or may not end up shirtless, and plenty of sarcastic banter.

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