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Valen is searching for something...or someone.

What if the true villain is ​the person Alex loves the ​most?

Eternal Alliances Book 1

Sal exchanged her magic for peace, she didn't expect to also trade her heart.

Eternal Alliances Book 2

Natalie sacrificed her ​freedom to protect her ​family. Could she crave a ​vampire more than escape?

An Eternal Alliances Prequal Novella

You know how the war ended.

Find out how it all began.

Hallow’s Promise Book 1

Will Rae survive her last case with her secrets intact? And will her teas always taste so good...

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A.N. Payton is a fantasy romance author, ​true-crime obsessee, and a very low-​skilled seamstress. She writes at the ​intersection of fantasy and science, with ​a dash (or overflowing scoop) of ​romance.


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