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Saffa can’t escape the demons that haunt her. She tries to alienate herself from the memories, including the vampire she once loved. While she sought healing, her heart only turned colder.

After Saffa left him, Remi found other endeavors to distract from his pain. Saffa broke his heart once and he doesn’t intent to give her a second chance.

Then the pair are summoned for an unexpected mission: rebels are planning an attack on the Winter Gala and only Saffa and Remi have the inner knowledge to protect the kingdom. They both long to deny the request, but when they see each other again, feverish desire melts the ice around their hearts. They must overcome their suffering together to save their people, or risk being lost to their frosty pasts forever.


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As the vampire king, Alex must protect his wife and kingdom at all costs. When Belle narrowly avoids an assassination attempt that reeks of dark magic, Alex realizes true evil lurks in their castle - a curse-caster.

As Alex searches for the person behind the recent death and destruction, a subtle and unexpected danger unfolds. When he finally learns the curse-caster’s true target, Alex fears he may not be able to stop them.

After all, what if the true villain is the one he loves the most?

***This is an introductory companion story to Deathbringer and Desire***

Hellfire and Honey

Sal exchanged her magic for peace, she didn't expect to also trade her heart.

Eternal Alliances Book 1

Shadows and Sage

Natalie sacrified her freedom to protect her family. Could she crave a vampire more than escape?

Eternal Alliances Book 2

Deathbringer and Desire

An Eternal Alliances Prequal Novella

You know how the war ended.

Find out how it all began.

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A.N. Payton is a fantasy romance author who is also navigating the tides of motherhood. She has a degree in biology and is passionate about the intersection of fantasy and science. When not writing or chasing a toddler, she can be found working on one of her many side projects, playing video games with her husband, or sleeping.

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